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Order the book on historic clay and concrete roof tile identification!

Looking for roof tile?

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While we do not claim to have every type of roof tile ever made, we do pride ourselves in having a good number of the old historic and obsolete roof tiles still sought today.  The following pages may be used in identifying the tile that you need or are searching for.  It is important to remember that, even with historic roof tiles, they were manufactured in a variety of colors and styles.  If the style that you have selected is not available in the color you desire, please indicate to us your color preference. 
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Once you match a roof tile from the photos on the identification page, click on the image and follow the prompts to convey your information to us.  These pages are grouped together as follows:

Asbestos Transite Roof Tiles
     (All styles)
Clay Field Roof Tiles
     (All styles)
Concrete Field Roof Tiles
     (All styles)
Concrete Trim Roof Tiles
     (Rakes, Hips, Ridges)
Clay Trim Roof Tiles
     (Rakes, Hips, Ridges)
Clay & Concrete Closures
Clay & Special Roof Tiles
     (including terminals)

Get THE roof tile reference book before you purchase roof tile 

Order the book on historic clay and concrete roof tile identification!
We've written the only book of it's kind to aid in identifying historic roof tile. If you're having trouble matching your roof tile THIS IS A MUST!  The high quality, close-up pictures provide measurements and details to help you find which roof tile you're dealing with.

What roof tile are you looking for?

If you donít match the roof tile you are looking for, donít give up! There are many tiles which remain available, either with us or with another supplier, which are not shown. And if a tile cannot be obtained, we work with specialty manufacturing companies that pride themselves in the duplication of historic roofing tiles.

Our Roof Tile Inventory

We have perhaps the largest collection of Heinz Roofing Tile in the world! As a major supplier of clay roofing tile from 1912 to 1945, the Heinz concern was a major competitor of the well known Ludowici company. The two companies had almost identical product lines and very often one is confused for the other. These tiles are found all over the United States and Canada.

The following are many of the different manufacturers products that we offer:
  • Barne Roof Tile 
  • Bartile Roof Tile
  • Detroit Roofing Tile 
  • Empire Roof Tile
  • Gladding McBean Roof Tile 
  • Hawthorne Roof Tile
  • Heinz Roof Tile
  • Lifetime Roof Tile
  • Longmont Roof Tile
  • Ludowici Roof Tile
  • Mineral Wells Roof Tile
  • Mound City Roof Tile
  • Nibco Tile Roof Tile
  • Sullivan Roof Tile
  • Waterseal (Weatherwell) Roof Tile
  • Whatever roof tile it is you are searching for, just remember that most old tile acquisitions are in limited quantities and tile availability is subject to change from day to day.

    Our Shipping Methods

    Because we've been providing the industry with hard-to-find roof tiles for so long, we have the best protective shipping methods.  Our custom made pallets shown below are specifically made to protect your investment during shipping. The photos below illustrate the care we take in preparing the roof tile for shipping.













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