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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is it necessary for me to get a new tile roof if my old one becomes damaged or starts leaking?
A: Not necessarily. The majority of obsolete tile roofs can be either repaired or restored. One criteria for either option is to locate matching replacement tiles in a quantity sufficient to effect the repair or restoration and then contract with a qualified roofing contractor to replace the roof tile.
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Q: How difficult is it to find matching tiles for historic or obsolete tile roofs?
A:  Companies that salvage and/or reclaim old roofing tiles are few and they are located throughout the country. Most of these will have a large variety of old roof tiles available and will also have a large database of smaller companies that have roof tile inventories. Through the search and match process more often than not, a roof tile match can be made.
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Q: What is needed to make a proper and positive roof tile identification?
A:  Ideally, a visit to the jobsite for a roof tile inspection is the best and most absolute method. Samples of the field tile and photos of the roof and its components are another way. Samples should be provided for roof tile identification whenever possible. With today's technology, digital photos are a great way to convey the necessary identification information. When furnishing digital photos of your existing roof tile, make every attempt to visually depict the close measurements of the roof tile by using rulers or tapes to measure the tiles.
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Q: Once a tile is identified, how long does it take to locate it?
A: It depends on how popular the roof tile was. Some searches are complete in hours, with or without positive results. Other searches, depending on the amount of time available before the product is needed, can take weeks or months. Most of the time, available roof tile inventories can be referenced throughout the country in a fairly reasonable amount of time.

Q: Do I receive a sample of a tile that has been located for me?
A: Absolutely. Nothing is ordered, shipped, or sold without acceptance by the purchaser. Samples submitted are representative of the total order and will reflect the style, color and condition of the majority of the roof tiles in the order. Most companies will also include a small amount of extra tiles to accommodate any breakage which may occur during shipping. All orders are sold based upon the representative sample.   

Q: How is the material shipped?
A: Our firm uses specially built box pallets for long distance shipping. These pallets are hand packed and the tiles are closely inspected to assure the best quality. Buffer material is placed between the layers to avoid rubbing and to minimize contact between the tiles. The tiles are usually shipped by common carrier and it is recommended that air ride trailers be utilized. We can arrange all shipping or if you have your own carrier we can work with them. See how we ship tile here.

Q: Does it matter if my old tile roof is concrete or clay?
A: No. Most reclaimed tile is found in both clay and concrete. Clay tiles are usually more expensive and more difficult to salvage and replace. Concrete roof tiles seem to deteriorate more rapidly and therefore there are more salvageable roofs. Thus more roof tiles available. With either product, the search effort remains the same.

Q: What do I do if a tile match cannot be achieved on the salvage market?
A: There are several options available. One can salvage material from an isolated roof area and use the tiles for the required work, reinstalling a close matching tile on the area where the tile was removed from. One can also have the tile reproduced if it is a clay tile. Full roof replacement remains a final option.

Q: Can obsolete roofing tiles be reproduced?
A:  Yes, however, this is most often limited to the clay tiles. With the large number of new concrete tile manufacturers in existence it is not feasible to reproduce the older concrete roofing tiles. In most cases it is cost prohibitive. With the clay tiles, and the many independent clay kilns in operation, reproduction of vitrified clay tiles is a very affordable option.

Q: What do I do if I need to return the tile order?
A: First of all, to date, we have not had any returns. Old roof tile is fragile and once it has shipped it no longer can be monitored to assure proper care. All orders are sold as is and can only be returned if there is a problem that originated due to our negligence or improper processing. A lot of effort and time is spent on each order to make certain that the tile is properly identified, the order is of sound quality and sufficiently packaged, and that the right quantities are included within the order. All orders shipped are representative of submitted samples. Authorized returns are subject to a 30% restocking charge and all special pallet charges. In certain cases, return freight charges may apply. See how we ship tile here.

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